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3 Takeaways from DV Publisher Suite's Visit to Dubai Lynx

(Courtesy of DV's Director of Publisher Development, Anya Libova, who serves Europe and the Middle East from DV's London office.)

The DV Publisher Suite team was excited to be in attendance at this year’s iteration of Dubai Lynx. As a sister festival of the world-famous Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Dubai Lynx has become an epicenter of creative marketing in the region. In recent years, the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT) region has become one of the fastest-growing spaces in the digital advertising industry. That made this year’s Lynx a must-visit for our team. 

Check out our top insights from the event below.

MENAT’s Digital Advertising Boom

On the digital advertising front, MENAT is showing stronger growth than several other regions in both adoption and development. This past January, eMarketer ranked MENAT second worldwide in overall penetration rates and time spent with media; trailing only behind North America. Moreover, the region is well on track to double its internet ad spend from five years ago, with just under $8 billion expected to fuel the market in 2024. 

In order to win more of those advertiser budgets, it is vital for publishers to embrace a more collaborative role with brands in the region, and present their inventory in a way that aligns with global media quality expectations.

DV also had the opportunity to host an International Women’s Day luncheon at the event. Over 35 industry leaders joined DV to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. For our team, the luncheon’s success was a welcome sign of the enduring spirit of growth and inclusion that guides DV’s mission to bring unique publisher, agency and brand voices together.

Brand Suitability is a Key Challenge to Overcome

Unfortunately, ad spend isn’t the only factor that’s doubling in MENAT. Our data indicates that, on average, the regional suitability violation rate is more than twice the global baseline. We have also observed that the rate spiked even higher during important seasonal events in the region.


Suitability Violation Rate (2023)

Global Baseline


MENAT Baseline




UAE National Day


Dubai Shopping Festival


This trend highlights how MENAT is a region with unique challenges. In order to address them, publishers and advertisers alike must be able to cooperate more effectively and transparently – not just for the sake of improved brand suitability, but for more accurate measurement that serves as a trust-filled foundation to transact.

The DV Publisher Suite team’s primary focus is to facilitate a common buyer-seller language with powerful insights, automation and reporting. DV’s tools make it easier for publishers to deliver their premium inventory based on the metrics that matter most to their partners. That level of comprehensive support can help publishers do their part to navigate the challenges of the region, and capitalize on MENAT’s promise as an exciting new hotspot in the digital advertising industry.

Early Retail Media Appeal on Full Display

MENAT is currently one of the most rapidly-developing areas for retail media networks, driven by increasing levels of e-commerce and brand interest. eMarketer placed MENAT third globally in eCommerce sales growth, comfortably surpassing both North America and Western Europe. With more receptive brands and retailers in the region and strong consumer purchasing power, it is clear that MENAT is an attractive opportunity for advertisers looking to expand globally.

Thank you to Dubai Lynx for an exceptional event. To learn more about DV Publisher Suite’s capabilities, schedule a demo with us today!