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Introducing FlowIQ: Analytics Built for Digital Advertising

We’re excited to announce that we have rebranded and upgraded our legacy platform, Ad-Juster MAP, to FlowIQ. This change, along with the launch of our new programmatic analytics platform, ProgrammaticIQ, is another step in our mission to offer you the best data products and services by developing market-leading solutions that leverage the latest advancements in data science and reporting.

Why we made the change

In 2018 we developed FLOW (now the FlowIQ Campaign Dashboard), a game-changing visual analytics tool built for direct-sold campaign management. After seeing the enthusiastic response to this release, we have decided to provide all of our clients with the ability to interact with their data in this exciting new way.

What to expect

Moving forward, we will regularly roll out new features on top of the current performance of your Ad-Juster reporting platform to enhance your data operations, campaign workflows, and analytics. Our product roadmap will continually iterate on our robust platform to keep you up to date with industry changes while scaling with your business. Don’t worry, our current pricing tiers are not changing! These ongoing product improvements will only expand on the features and benefits of your current Ad-Juster toolkit.

The FlowIQ Campaign Dashboard

As part of this change, we will be rolling out access to the FlowIQ Campaign Dashboard to all of our clients. Ditch the spreadsheets and take advantage of a powerful media-specific dashboard that supports data collaboration and prioritization so you can effectively deliver on all digital direct-sold campaigns.

Available functionality will be based on your package. If you’re interested in a walkthrough of the Campaign Dashboard with full functionality or have any questions about how this will affect you, reach out to your Client Development Manager or request a demo today!