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All Things Ad Ops & Digital Media: Ops NYC 2019 Event Recap

AdMonsters always puts on engaging, enlightening, and entertaining events and Ops NY was no exception. We were a sponsor of the event where, earlier this month, attendees heard insights from over 75 digital media leaders, including experts in programmatic, OTT, OOH, data strategy, mobile, video, audio, AR/VR, blockchain, branded content, and native advertising. Our team was on hand to chat with publishers and hear how they are tackling new developments and issues in the industry and what they need to stay on top of their data analytics.

Main themes from the event included privacy, community, data, creativity, and technologies. Attendees expressed a need for more synergy across platforms and the importance of flexibility in order to develop new workflows to keep up with regulations and changing consumer tastes.

Oleg Korenfeld from Wavemaker, said “We need standards on digital,” something we couldn’t agree with more. Understanding the changing landscape and related revenue opportunities are complicated enough, establishing standards for data and terminology would help publishers focus on revenue-driving activities. In the same session, Robert John Davis from Ogilvy, also made some insightful comments about how innovation and success in the industry begins with, “curiosity and adaptability, it’s not about what’s worked before.”

On emerging programmatic channels in the industry, audio is developing nicely and advertisers are coming around to the creative possibilities and opportunities to scale their reach. On the other hand, connected TV (CTV) is a difficult space for publishers to operate in. The many CTV platforms remain fairly tight-lipped about what data they will share and content providers have to make separate decisions about which platforms to be on, which distributors to use, and finally, how to monetize.

It was apparent that each topic discussed highlighted the need for scalable data management and analytics tools like ProgrammaticIQ and FlowIQ. Publishers will soon be flooded with bidding data from Google Ad Manager, which will further strain any manual workflows. And in the CTV space, there will be an abundance of players for the foreseeable future, so publishers will need to be able to test out new partners and quickly compare revenue activity. More data to digest and more partners to test out will break in-flexible solutions—success and innovation will come from creativity and adaptability.

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