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Productivity & Profitability in Publisher Ad Ops

Stop revenue losses from operational inefficiencies.
Supercharge your workflow and add $1M+ to your bottom line.

Advertiser demands and industry developments have left publishers without the time to think strategically about their operations, resulting in costly inefficiencies and thin margins. But, growing the top line is not the only tactic publishers have to increase their profit—some of the biggest sources of revenue leaks are campaign management and inventory yield.

Join Ad-Juster CEO, Dennis Clerke, as he focuses on publishers’ margins and reveals how publishers can optimize their current workflows to keep up with today’s data demands, boost productivity, and drive millions more in profit from their ad revenue.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • How to structure your operations to keep up with ever-changing data demands
  • The hard cost of inefficient campaign management
  • How to boost the productivity of your labor resources with automation and intelligent dashboards
  • What an optimized workflow means for your bottom line


**Dennis Clerke
CEO, Ad-Juster, Inc.**