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Yieldex & Ad-Juster Forge First-Ever Partnership to Bring Unified Billing to Programmatic Advertising

The Deal Expands Yieldex’s Automated Guaranteed Platform, YieldexDirect

New York, July 10, 2014 – Yieldex, the leading provider of ad forecasting, analytics and cutting-edge trading tools for advertisers and publishers, has signed an exclusive deal with Ad-Juster, the only third-party reporting and discrepancy management tool. As a result, publishers will receive all the data they need to do automated guaranteed deals.

Billing is one of the biggest pain points in direct advertising. Advertisers and publishers often struggle with how to reconcile billing based on the advertiser’s ad serving numbers or the publisher’s ad serving numbers. The agreement between Yieldex and Ad-Juster allows Yieldex customers to see Ad-Juster’s third-party data within the Yieldex platform, giving them a complete picture of their revenue stream and the ability to forecast based on the Ad-Juster numbers.

“Our publisher clients have told us that any automated guaranteed solution they use must make the billing process more efficient.  Integrating with Ad-Juster enables our automated guaranteed platform, YieldexDirect, to pull in both advertiser and publisher numbers, giving us the data we need to bill for programmatic deals on behalf of our publishers,” said Andy Nibley, CEO of Yieldex. “This exclusive agreement also enhances our core platform, Yieldex Analytics, because it makes us the only ad tech company that offers publishers the ability to forecast campaign delivery based on third-party data.”

According to Nibley, the agreement will help publishers:

  • Report on advertiser and publisher numbers in one unified view;
  • Forecast campaign delivery based on Ad-Juster numbers; and
  • Easily bill for automated guaranteed transactions based on Ad-Juster numbers.

“We are excited to be working with Yieldex, expanding the efficiencies promised by automation," said Mike Lewis, President and Co-founder of Ad-Juster. "Ad-Juster recognizes that the data it collects and organizes for its clients is a key to their success and sees this partnership as a wonderful opportunity to increase the value of that data. Integrating third-party, multi-source data into Yieldex's platforms will be a big win for publishers looking to maximize the return on their inventory."

About Yieldex
Yieldex is the leading provider of digital ad forecasting, analytic pricing and trading tools for publishers and advertisers. The world’s most successful publishers rely on Yieldex Analytics for forward-looking insights that help them save time, close more deals and increase revenue. Both advertisers and publishers use Yieldex’s programmatic marketplace, YieldexDirect, to buy and sell targeted, guaranteed inventory in one convenient location. Leading media companies such as The New York Times, Scripps, CBS, Comcast, Viacom, ESPN, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, Pandora, The Weather Channel, and dozens of others use Yieldex to get more value from their digital advertising strategies. For more information, visit www.yieldex.com.

About Ad-Juster, Inc.

Ad-Juster is the industry leader in third-party data collection and ad delivery discrepancy management for digital publishers, agencies, and networks. Ad-Juster automatically creates daily ad discrepancy and pacing reports allowing digital publishers to immediately act on expensive ad discrepancies. We provide digital publishers with a single centralized web based location to connect to and aggregate data from supported third party and local ad servers. Ad-Juster integrates with all major publisher ad serving systems, top third-party platforms, order management systems, billing and invoicing systems, data warehousing, proprietary systems, and SalesForce. Ad-Juster empowers your team to better control campaign pacing, mitigate delivery discrepancies, and reduce billing cycles, through automation.