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Discovering connection & community at RevOpEx & Leadership Summit in London

In February, Ad-Juster had the opportunity to sponsor two days of interactive events in London, hosted by our friend Rob Beeler of AdMonsters and Beeler.Tech. These community-focused events are largely focused on cultivating conversations that help establish standards and move the industry forward with operational best practices.

The events, Leadership Summit and RevOpEx, took place at the IAB Events & Training Space in London. There were networking opportunities during the day and after, but everything was structured around speakers and group breakout sessions.

Data Connects Us

Mark Bausinger, Director of Publisher Business Development at Ad-Juster, gave two insightful presentations on how both sides can focus on better utilizing data to inform decision making and collaborative efforts to solve the problems facing the industry today. The solutions for these problems can be found in the common threads of data linking all partners and it’s critical to gain an understanding of what data is needed for these insights and where it comes from. Not only is data the foundation of making good decisions for your business, but it can also facilitate better relationships with clients, vendors and strategic partners.

We loved being involved in such great discussions on both days and learning more about the challenges that publishers and advertisers face in Europe. We heard that many publishers in Europe and across the globe face the same problems we see in the U.S: tracking 3rd-party numbers for billing can be a time-consuming process but is a critical component of a publisher's business.

Shout out to Rob for always being such a great host—these events were full of good people, conversations, and food and we’re excited for the next one. With everything going on in the world, we know that most of us won’t be attending another live event anytime soon, but let’s stay connected! If you’d like to speak with our team about ad ops data best practices or how we can help, don’t hesitate to reach out!