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New! Leverage Authentic Direct and Quality Targeting Signals for On-Page Video

Video advertising represents some of the most premium inventory that publishers have to offer. But publishers can attest that on-page video delivery is often riddled with technology problems, inefficient processes and evolving advertiser expectations. Despite those problems, the need to demonstrate high media quality is as vital for on-page video as it is for standard display ads. Perhaps even more so when you consider how popular video advertising has become in recent years.

DV Publisher Suite is pleased to offer Quality Targeting as a tool for automatically optimizing on-page video inventory for brand suitability, invalid traffic, viewability and contextual signals.

Benefits of Quality Targeting for On-Page Video

You can easily leverage Quality Targeting’s signals to influence entire web-based video campaigns. This release enables automated optimization that helps publishers avoid misalignment and make-good campaigns caused by media quality issues with their on-page video inventory. Adding this tool to your team’s workflow frees them up to focus on other optimization tasks.

Quality Targeting helps publishers improve efficiency, revenue and quality of life. It also empowers publishers to grow their business by building better client relationships that are focused on all of the following areas:

  • Fraud prevention on on-page video campaigns
  • Brand suitability & contextual classification targeting on on-page video campaigns
  • Viewability prediction targeting on on-page video campaigns
  • Time in view prediction targeting on on-page video campaigns

Now Available: Authentic Direct for On-Page Video

The DV Publisher Suite team is also happy to share that this functionality extends to Authentic Direct. Authentic Direct helps strengthen buyer-seller relationships by providing publishers with a direct link to the brand suitability settings of DV-connected advertisers. With a high level of access and transparency to an advertiser’s brand suitability strategy, publishers can count on Authentic Direct to meaningfully cut down on brand suitability violations, limit waste, and ease operational headaches.

To learn more about QT for Video, Authentic Direct, Quality Targeting, or any other aspect of DV Publisher Suite, reach out today and schedule a demo! We look forward to helping you bring DVPS optimization and automation to your entire inventory, video or otherwise!