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New! Maximize Insights with Expanded Data Join Capabilities

Publishers deal with complex data sets from a multitude of sources on a daily basis. The disconnected nature of this data makes it hard to recognize its value if you are unable to analyze it in one place. Your organization may have attempted to do this through various BI tools, analysis platforms, or in-house solutions, but each solution comes with some sort of tradeoff, often leading to missed opportunities.

At the center of this problem is siloed data and platforms that can be difficult to align with your specific strategy. This is why we are excited to expand the data join capabilities available in DV Publisher Suite to make creating the views you need quicker and easier. Now you can create reports and dashboards based on performance data across the entire DV Publisher Suite, piecing together all of your data sets for true transparency.

Uncover New Insights & Opportunities

The ability to easily combine and analyze multiple data sets is critical to uncovering additional value. Combining data sets within a media-specific platform will raise the bar on data insights, while offering an industry-unique perspective of your data.

Track programmatic discrepancies

Join your first-party ad server data with third-party SSP numbers that determine revenue to highlight unexpected payout disparities.

Measure ROI of paid campaigns

Add your buy-side campaign data from platforms such as Facebook or Beeswax to your campaign performance metrics to determine which paid campaigns drive the most ROI.

Analyze the impact of media quality metrics on revenue

Highlight new optimization opportunities by joining programmatic and direct revenue data with viewability, fraud and brand suitability data.

Joining Data in Unified Analytics

Joins are created by identifying one or more key dimensions across the data sets. In addition to our existing join capabilities, publishers using DVPS will now have the ability to join multiple data sets horizontally (perform a left join) allowing users to add both dimension and metric fields to the data set. For additional information on the types of data joins that exist, this explainer is a good resource.

If you’re already using DVPS, learn more about how to join data in Unified Analytics here.

The DV Publisher Team is excited about the possibilities that expanded data joins brings for our users. We believe that empowering publishers to optimize revenue through advanced data analytics is key to building a better industry. Request a demo to learn more about how DV Publisher Suite can help your organization.