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Free Webinar: The Future of Inventory Optimization with Ad-Juster

Did you know unchecked discrepancies could be costing you millions in lost revenue opportunities? Monitoring, reducing, and reconciling discrepancies is essential for effective campaign optimization.

Join us with Ad-Juster Sales Engineer Joe Lewis and Digital Revenue Operations Manager LeeAnne McElligott to learn how you can stop rampant discrepancies from demolishing your pacing, ruining your forecasting, and stunting your revenue.


**Joe Lewis
Sales Engineer, Ad-Juster, Inc.**
In addition to his initial role as Account Manager at Ad-Juster, Joe contributed to tomorrow’s digital advertising via marketing and distribution for independent films in LA as well as TV advertising for CBS.

**LeeAnne McElligott
Digital Revenue Operations Manager**
Leeanne brings a wealth of knowledge from working at top media companies and will share her digital media and advertising expertise.